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UPDATE! We are pleased to announce that the Main Venue shall be at

The Marina Mandarin Hotel - for Saturday, 27 July 2019


 Registration Closing Date:  24 June 2019 (Singapore Entries)
Group Entries by 15 June 2019 (Singapore Entries)


NOTE: Please Refer to Malaysia info Page for Malaysia Entries


We are honoured to announce that the Ministry of Education of Malaysia is fully supporting this festival! 

They shall be awarding co-curriculum points towards the participation of SPAF-Drama.  [LINK]

SPAF aims to inspire, so all performers leave with a sense of achievement! Its purpose is to open up the window of performing arts to students, encouraging them to develop a range of communication and interpersonal skills through an interactive environment.

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Entry Forms & Syllabus Booklet - [Click] 

Entry is Simple!

- Download the Booklet above.
- Select your Class(es) (Categories) and note the class number(s).
- Fill in the Entry Form (End of Booklet)
- Need assistance? email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About SPAF - Singapore Performing Arts Festival - Drama

The 8th Singapore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) will be held from 26th July to 3rd August 2018. Since the Ministry of Education and government have embraced the significance of drama as part of the education process in Singapore, there has been an increasing demand for drama activities amongst schools, parents and students. This event is specially tailored to the Primary and Secondary school students in Singapore. 

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SPAF is an Associate Member of The British and International Federation of Festivals of which Her   Majesty the Queen is Patron. By being recognised by the British and International Federation of Festivals, Singapore will join not only the 300+ festivals in the UK but also the festivals in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the   USA. 

Preparing for and participation in a Festival involves young people in group activity and individual achievement - every skill gained in preparing for and giving a performance is a valuable life skill which will be used in job interviews, in the workplace, in leisure activities and in social and interpersonal relationships throughout life. 

Most will not make their career in the Arts but will become that educated audience who will keep the arts alive in the coming years. However, the festival movement was where many famous names began their career, Julian Lloyd Webber, Maureen Lipman, Wayne Sleep, Dame Janet Baker, & Paul Scofield to name a few! 


The adjudicator will be a practising professional who will not only make a skilled judgement but who will also seek to inspire a greater appreciation of the work being performed and remarks made in public and on the written report will evaluate and encourage the performers.



2019 Featured Categories:  


  • Story Telling - Performance Arts (Solo and Group)

    Telling a story using movement and gesture to illustrate the content would be regarded as 2 skills – expressive speaking and movement.

    Telling a story using props/and/or costume ( e.g. illustrations from the book, puppets, or hats )would be regarded as 2 skills – expressive speaking and use of props, t
    elling a story using voice, movement and song would be regarded as 3 skills- expressive speaking, movement, and singing

    Telling a story using voice, movement, song and a musical instrument would be regarded as four skills- expressive speaking, movement, song and playing an instrument.

    The adjudicator is looking for the skills to be integrated into a fluent, structured performance.

  • Creative Writing

    Since the first SPAF in 2011, the Creative writing class has been attracting more and more entries and the standard has risen. We believe very strongly that this ties in with the study of Language and Literature and is of additional benefit to Students in both the Primary and Secondary sectors.

    Students are given absolute free choice of content, the only regulation is to adhere to the word count. The completed story is submitted to the office and then to the adjudicator before the day of the Festival – on the actual day the student may read out their story or nominate someone else to do so- this is not part of the assessment, the adjudicator has already reached his or her decision and written the reports- the idea is to share the content with the audience and so then the adjudicator’s comments are more relevant to the listeners. 

    We will be running a Creative Writing Workshop prior to this year’s festival so do join us if you wish to find out more!!


  • Public Speaking

    For many adults the thought of speaking in public is terrifying- it is generally recognised that the younger people are when they begin then the less likely it is that this fear follows them into their adult life. The Public Speaking Classes of S P A F are judged on both content and delivery and these are the aspects that we will be addressing in our workshop prior to the 2016 Festival in July.

    The topics are released to Festival one month before the Festival and we will share those set in previous years as a guide, so this is a workshop that we hope will prove valuable if you are interested in promoting the value of Public Speaking without fear!


Other Categories Offered:

  • New! Musical Theatre - Solo & Group
  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Verse Speaking
  • Choral Speaking
  • Dramatic Monologue
  • Dramatic Duologue
  • Group Acting (Scripted / Devised)


Full details of categories within syllabus info booklet.  Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need further clarifications or assistance.


About the Adjudicators



Mary Ann is the consultant in Drama and Performance for South East Asia based in Singapore and a senior examiner and trainer for Trinity College London.  She is a choreographer, director, Performing Arts lecturer and practitioner and a British Federation Adjudicator. Her work has taken her to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Canada, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Bermuda, as well as centres in Europe and the UK.   

Mary Ann was a UK lecturer in Performing Arts working for the Universities of Hertfordshire and Middlesex, whilst also pursuing her professional theatrical career with performance, choreography, and direction in drama, musical theatre, opera, pantomime and physical theatre. During her time at the universities, she was part of the panel who designed the Performing Arts courses at Diploma through to BA levels.  (Full Biog)

Amina 138


Amina studied acting, creative writing and directing in London at the Royal Court Young Peoples’ Theatre. Since 1991, Amina has explored Malaysian theatre, film and television as an actress, presenter, producer, director, writer & performance educator for all ages, including trainee teachers undertaking teaching diplomas and professional teachers in Malaysian schools.  

Amina has been a teacher in the subject of Speech & Drama for over 25 years, in both the Public and Private sectors; a Head of Department at an international school, managing teachers of Art, Music and Drama (ranging from Pre-school to Secondary), and a Head of House; as well as a teacher for Trinity College London examinations with many successful candidates  (Full Biog)

Roshini 138


Roshini is a Founding Partner and Manager of LOA Centre.  With over 18 years of experience in corporate training, she has conducted training sessions in over 10 countries in APAC, Australia, Middle East and the USA, focusing on business presentations, customer service and communication.

Her clients vary from interns to senior managers, senior lecturers to associate professors. Her goal in life is to help people live more fulfilled lives. Prior to this, she has worked in Corporate Marketing Communications for over 7 years. Roshini brings energy and enthusiasm to all her classes and attendees rave about the high level of engagement and effectiveness in her sessions.  (Full Biog)

Alecia 138


Alecia began acting 16 years ago, Alecia has played roles from Shakespeare to George Orwell to Alfian Sa’at, touring to Edinburg, Tasmania, India, Malaysia and most recently to Korea, working with some of the best directors and actors in Singapore Theatre and has even dabbled in TV and film. She is a performer, director and teacher.

Alecia’s passion is Theatre for the young and passing on the art of theatre making to the next generation. She is currently the Head of Department at NAFA School of Young Talents teaching what she loves. She has taught aspiring actors in youth programs, students from ages 3yr -64 yrs. She continues to teach and advocate the importance of arts in education.


OVERVIEW OF SPAF (Excerpts from Information Booklet)

Who should Join?

-          Just about ANYONE! who is interested in improving critical life skills such as:

a.  Effective Communication

b.  Confidence in a presentation before an audience

-          EVERYONE! This is the perfect festival to experience Speech & Drama whether you have little or no previous experience.

-          From age 6 upwards.

 What will each participant get?

-          A written report.

-          A certificate of participation for achievement of above 75 marks.

 How will the festival be conducted?

-          Individual and Group Participants will be allocated classes based on their age.

-          Individual entry Classes will be conducted in a hall that can seat about 50.

-          Group entry Classes will be conducted in a school hall.

-          Group size will be from 6 to a max of 12 participants.

-          Each Class will last about an hour depending on the age group and class type/size.

-          During each class:

a.  Participants will take turns to perform in the order predetermined by the organiser.

b.  The adjudicator will evaluate their performance on a report form, which will be presented to the respective participants at the end of each class.

c.  After all the participants have presented their work, the adjudicator will conduct a mini master-class style to comment on the overall performance of the class as a whole.

d.  Certificates will be presented to all participants.



FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:       I have no prior experience in Speech & Drama, is SPAF suitable for me?

A:     YES! Although we are a professional organization our aim is to attract Newcomers. festival participants, teachers and parents with little or no experience will still be able to participate in, and benefit from, involvement in SPAF!

Q:       Is SPAF’s concept something new and not tested before?

A:      On the contrary, SPAF is associated to The British & International Federation of Festivals, with over 300 associated festivals worldwide and attracted over ONE Million performers reaching an audience of around 5 million in 2010.

Q:       We already have many activities for Performing Arts, why should we consider SPAF?

A:      One of SPAF’s main benefits is the written and verbal educational feedback provided by the adjudicator. Performers will not only have a chance to perform but will able to improve themselves through the adjudicator’s feedback and master class.


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Need further information or clarification?

 Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.